Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Editor in Chief

This one's for you, the visionaries, who shatter glass ceilings.

Volume 1, Issue 2

Ellen Kazembe

Feeling bullish? This April issue is for you--the visionaries that step up to the challenge and grab the bull by the horns, the visionaries that challenge the norm and make changes. For those of us that fall, rise up, sweat it out and choose to take the road that is less travelled.

Hopefully the content in the second issue of our volume will inspire you to turn your visions into reality, to see a closed door as a stepping stone towards greater victory, to build your own bridge to the other side and to take action when you see injustice. After all, what is the worst that can happen when you grind and seize the opportunity to dance among the stars? 

In the last known Black Rap publication, prior to the last 2020 issue--33 years ago in 1987, African American Student Leaders highlighted the importance of unhu ubuntu, unity otherwise known as regrouping. With 2020 vision, we not only bring back the importance of unity, but also highlight stories of successful Lake Forest College Alumni, trail blazers, gamechangers, allyship, diversity and inclusion, and amplify global voices that are unified by a common struggle; COVID-19. 

I’ve fulfilled my promise—to make the final issue bigger and better. After all, visionaries drown the noise, change the narrative and they don’t look back. Future Foresters, welcome to the beautiful yet challenging journey. Current Foresters, l will be cheering you on from a social distance on Zoom. Class of 2020 you will forever have a special place in my heart. Alumni, I’m choosing to climb the ladder to join you soon. Worldwide readers, enjoy. 

Au revoir, it has been grand, 

Rudo Ellen Kazembe